from JAPAN


I make music for TV, commercials, games, apps, and attractions.

I am good at cute, pop, delicate, beautiful, natural, simple, acoustic, slow to medium tempo songs.
I often make BGM with a strong melody as an instrument, and a peaceful and sad atmosphere.

Please contact us for new production requests.

Achievements (honorific titles omitted)
Hikari Miso Additive-Free Mature Koji Miso Fun Campaign Song Production
Provided and produced BGM in the movie "Densan"
In charge of the theme song for the PR movie "Unfinished Us" sponsored by Office Crescendo Co., Ltd.
3DCG animation "ROBBER'S COMPANY" BGM provided and produced 2018 I.G Indies Anime Award Best Award
Eureka, Inc. "pairs" "Couples" 2 App PR video BGM provided
Sign House Co., Ltd. Bike Income Headset "B + COM SB5X" PV BGM for over-the-counter sales
Toko Co., Ltd. Lobby exhibition company profile movie BGM provided
Gendai Agency Co., Ltd. Macau tourist information site "Macau Now" special page & PR video BGM provided

In addition, many productions such as game applications, local radio, BGM provision for doujin games, etc.


DTM / DAW: CUBASE 9.5 PRO, Wavelab 9 PRO, RX6, protools native
Audio interface: UR44, Apollo8
Headphones: SENNHEISER HD650, Yamaha HPH-MT8

Sound source used:
Multi: KOMPLETE 11 ULTIMATE, HALion6, Omnisphere2
Piano: CinePiano, Ivory II Italian Grand, Mercury
Drums: Addictive Drums2 Monumental Bundle, Steven Slate Drums4, SD2.0
Guitar: Ample Sound Series, Prominy V-METAL
Base: Prominy SR5, Trilian
Orchestra: CineSynphony Series, NativeInstruments Symphony Series, QLSO Gold, Vienna Special Edition
Mastering, effects: SlateDigital, lurssen, OZONE 8 Advanced
Many other small things, sound sources included in Cubase 9.5 PRO, etc.

New items


Calm and laid-back bossa nova's unreproduced waveform
Calm and laid-back bossa nova's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 1:35

  • $ 29.99
  • No. 1269209
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube


A refreshing and relaxing bossa nova that feels summer's unreproduced waveform
A refreshing and relaxing bossa nova that feels summer's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 1:33

  • $ 29.99
  • No. 1269212
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube


Calm and calm Bossa Nova's unreproduced waveform
Calm and calm Bossa Nova's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 2:05

  • $ 29.99
  • No. 1269214
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube


Movie science fiction, cyber style quiet and impressive's unreproduced waveform
Movie science fiction, cyber style quiet and impressive's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 3:13

  • $ 29.99
  • No. 1269216
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube

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