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harryfaoki (Harry Fisher Aoki) is a Japanese composer. Born in 1971 in Ibaraki prefecture. His real name is Masahiko Harigae.

In 1993, graduated from Tokyo College of Music, Faculty of Music, Department of Composition (Film Broadcasting Music Course).
After working as an exclusive arranger for a major music studio in the United States (New York) for over 15 years, he returned to Japan in 2008 and is currently active as a freelance composer, keyboard player, and audio engineer. He has a lot of achievements such as providing music (sound source) to major artists in Japan and overseas, track making, movie music, stage related music, etc. Audiostock exclusive creator

2021 Audiostock Creator Award Semi-Grand Prix

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<Orchestra>: Ideal for dynamic and magnificent fanfare, events and ceremonies.

<Japanese style>: Ideal for Japanese images, wabi-sabi and historical images.

<Corporate VP>: Ideal for companies, corporate image videos, school introductions, campaign videos, commercials, etc.

<Piano solo>: Ideal for relaxing time production, salon BGM, healing BGM, etc.

<Wedding>: A list of songs that are ideal for weddings and ceremonies.

<Fanfare>: Ideal for opening, events, ceremonies, and more.

<Ambient>: Ideal for meditation, nature images, 4K videos, drone shooting videos, etc.

<Healing>: Ideal for healing BGM, meditation, massage, yoga, etc.

<Ukulele & Whistling>: Ideal for warm corporate images, walks, parks, sky images, etc.

<Children>: A list that assumes children, fairy tales, athletic meet, nursery school, Ghibli-style image, etc.

<Jazz>: R & B and groovy things are also covered. Ideal for fostering an urban image.

<Hip-hop>: Ideal for images of young people, cities, club scenes, etc.

<Rock>: Ideal for sports, active videos, variety shows, etc.

<Pop>: Bright and pop numbers are ideal for radio, podcasts, Youtube, etc.

<Funk>: Groovy funk numbers are ideal for youth trend videos.

<Techno>: Music that makes heavy use of electric electronic sounds is ideal for weather forecasts and news.

<Songs recorded with live musical instruments>: The product of 6,600 yen is a work that contains live musical instruments produced in collaboration with Audiostock.

In addition, we have prepared various songs.
Type harryfaoki in the search field and try listening.
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The magnificent ending of "Flohwalzer"'s unreproduced waveform
The magnificent ending of "Flohwalzer"'s reproduced waveform

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A spectacular march of female chorus and orchestra's unreproduced waveform
A spectacular march of female chorus and orchestra's reproduced waveform

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An orchestra with the power of evil darkness's unreproduced waveform
An orchestra with the power of evil darkness's reproduced waveform

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Bright and gorgeous orchestra fanfare's unreproduced waveform
Bright and gorgeous orchestra fanfare's reproduced waveform

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