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Frequently Asked Questions

About Audiostock

What is Audiostock?

Audiostock is one of the largest royalty-free music library in Japan. Over 140,000 items (includes instrument, sound effects, voice and vocal) are now available and 5,000 new items are added every month. All items are available for commercial use(e.g. videos, games, apps and events).

What kind of items can I buy?
All items are sorted in to 4 categories.
  • Instrument
  • Sound effects
  • Voice
  • Vocal
Who uploads the items?

Items are uploaded by artists, artists and voice actors who have signed up to Audiostock.

Please tell me about the file format.

Most items are available in both WAV and MP3 files. (Some old items are available only in MP3 files.)

File format: WAV, MP3
Sampling rate: 44.1kHz or 48kHz

I cannot find the item I want.

If the category or item you want does not seem to be there, please contact us. We will send you back an email for further information. (Please note that we might not able to do it depends on the application)

About membership

Is there any cost for becoming a member?

You can creating an account for free. There is no monthly fee or any other costs for menmbership.

I have tried to create an account but I did not receive any email.

Our email may have been sent to your "spam folder" so please take a look. If you still cannot find it, your email address may not be correct. Please try again or contact us.

Can I create an account indivisualy?

Yes, you can. We accept payment via credit card.

Can I listen to sample items without creating an account?

Yes, anyone can search and listen to all sample items. However, you will be able to use other functions such as "Favorite(bookmark)" if you log in so we highly recommend for you to register.

Purpose of use

Please give me an example of an unacceptable usage of the item.

You cannot use our items in the following purpose. Please contact us if you are not sure.

(1) Using items to break public morality such as encouraging racism, suicide and self-harm, etc.
(2) Using items in the sex industry, pornography, adult content or any other media or purpose related.
(3) Using items in a manner that damages the honour or credit of the artist.
(4) Using items for articles, videos, advertisements, promotions, etc., which are illegal, fake or slanderous.
(5) Modifying items(except for volume control, fade in / out, loop, and other slight changes).
(6) Selling, subletting, licecsing or transferring items to a third party.
(7) Allowing an unauthorised third party to download and use items on the Internet.

Can I use an item again in a different project?

Yes, you can. The one who purchased the license can use the item as many times as he/she wants with no additional cost.

Can I use the same item for multiple contents(e.g. apps and videos at the same time)?

Yes, as long as the item is used by the person who purchased, it can be used multiple times in multiple contents. There is no additional cost.

Can I use my project for TV broadcasting over the Internet?

Yes. There is no additional cost.

Do I need to credit the author's name when I use the items?

You do not have to but the artist would be very happy if you could.

Can I sell or distribute my games and videos to overseas?

Yes. You can use our items for contents made to sell in the global market as long as you follow our terms and conditions

Can I use the items for background music of a physical store or facility?

Yes you can. However, the price of the item depends on the number of stores or facilities you intend to use. Please contact us if you are supposed to use our items in multiple stores or facilities.

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About rights and related matters of items

Can you explain me about the rights of purchased items?

The rights of items always belongs to the artist. We enable you to purchase the right to use the items.

What is a royalty-free (RF) item?

It is an item that you can use as many times as you want as long as you follow the terms of use. The right belongs to the artist, so it does not mean that the item is has no copyright. However, there is no need to declare the purpose of use or to renew the license, and you can purchase items in an affordable price.

Is it possible to purchase the whole right (transfer the copyright) in order to use it exclusively?

No. All item's copyright cannot be purchased.

May I edit purchased items?

Slight changes are allowed. For example, volume controlling, fade in/out, loop, cut or a little bit of sound adjustments.

Please do not modify in a way which the original music cannot be recognised.

Is there a due date for purchased items?

No. Once you purchase an item you can use it for lifetime.

Can I download items I purchased in the past again?

Yes, you can. download your items for one year after purchasing. You can download it from the 'Purchased item List' in 'My Page'.

Is it okay for me to use covered music?

We offer the cover version of public domain music on Audiostock. You can use them as same as using other original works.

*Please note some music is public domain in Japan but not in other countries. Please check before you use it outside of Japan.

Am I able to allow a film production company to use the music I purchased for a film project?

Yes, that is allowed. The film production company is able to use the music for the project. However, please make sure the music is used for the film project only and nothing else for copyright reasons.

About pricing and payments

Tell me the types of credit cards I can use.

We accept cards shown below.

VISA MasterCard American Express Diners Club
When do I get the items I purchased?

You can download purchased item as soon as you complete payment.

Can I cancel my order?

Since we sell digital files, orders cannot be cancelled. Please check your order carefully before purchasing.

I got an error on my credit card payment.

Please check if the information(e.g. credit card number, expiration date) is correct and try again. If you still cannot complete your payment, please contact us.

About functions

What is "Favorite"?

'Favorite' is a function for you to bookmark items you like. Comparing and making consideration will become easier. Also, even if the artist deleted the item you saved it would still be available for the next 30 days. We highly recommend for you to keep the items you like in 'Favorite'. Please understand that we might remove your bookmarked items without notice due to operations necessary.

What is "Cart"?

Think it as a shopping cart like in other online shops. Add all the items you want and you can buy it at once.

What is the voice constantly saying "Audiostock" in every item.

In order to prevent unauthorized use, we insert watermarks in every item. Once you have purchased you will be able to download items without watermarks.

What is the sound mixed in 'voice'?

In order to prevent unauthorized use, we insert watermarks in every item. Once you have purchased you will be able to download items without watermarks.

Can I download a sample to check if it fits my project?

Yes you can. Click 'Download sample' in order to download. All sample items include watermarks in order to prevent unauthorized use. You cannot use the sample items for other usage.

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About Resigning

How can I resign?

Please note that all of your information will be deleted. Therefore, items you have purchased will not be able to download again.

Please log in and click the link below for resigning.

Can I use purchased items after I have resigned?

Yes, you can. use all the items you have purchased after you resign. However, please note that you will not be able to download again if you resign.