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You can find instrumental music in this category. Music that suitable for different projects are available here - for example, background music or opening music for games, ads, and company profile video. You can search the music by your purpose, main instruments, music genre, and impression.


Feelings to shed gentle tears and look forwardの未再生の波形
Feelings to shed gentle tears and look forwardの再生済みの波形

0:00 / 3:37

  • free
  • No. 1197392
  • MP3 only


Painful J-POP Mid Ballad Truckの未再生の波形
Painful J-POP Mid Ballad Truckの再生済みの波形

0:00 / 3:00

Ninja Muzik Tokyo
  • free
  • No. 369642
  • MP3 only

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Sound Effects

This category has various sound effects. You can find sound effects for your ads and videos. For example, the sound of nature, or noisy from crowd and cars in the town. You might also be interested in those audios for games and apps such as the sound of start-up, level-up, and magic. Here has a wide range of sound effects for you.


Fanfare like a cute toyの未再生の波形
Fanfare like a cute toyの再生済みの波形

0:00 / 0:04

  • free
  • No. 59597
  • MP3 only


Place the ASMR pottery mug on the deskの未再生の波形
Place the ASMR pottery mug on the deskの再生済みの波形

0:00 / 0:00

Yoshiyuki Murakami
  • free
  • No. 826318
  • MP3 only

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Here is a category with a rich source of voice audios. It includes narrations and system voices that spoken by male, female and child. If you need some voice audios for your games, apps and video, please check this category.


Music, start! 7 year old girlの未再生の波形
Music, start! 7 year old girlの再生済みの波形

0:00 / 0:02

kodomosize creation
  • free
  • No. 1203624
  • MP3 only


Welcome / Male Simpleの未再生の波形
Welcome / Male Simpleの再生済みの波形

0:00 / 0:00

  • free
  • No. 1130615
  • MP3 only

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