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No.967134 Inorganic, cities, people passing by, business_aerial photography


Inorganic, cities, people passing by, business_aerial photography's unreproduced waveform
Inorganic, cities, people passing by, business_aerial photography's reproduced waveform

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  • No. 967134
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  • 2:55
  • Audio Category : Instrument
  • Channel : stereo
  • Data information :
    • MP3(320kbps)
    • WAV(44.1kHz 24bit)
  • Released at : 2021/02/06

It is a futuristic EDM with an inorganic tune, and it is a BGM with an atmosphere that mainly suits the image of cities, people passing by, business, and aerial photography.

[Estimated usage scene and usage image example]
● Development, evolution, change, passage of time, process
● For aerial videos from high places, panoramic scenery (scenery) from the sky, time lapse, YouTube
~ Drone race, tracking video, FPV / ride feeling / realistic feeling
~ Tourist destinations, public facilities, industries, store facilities, environment, safety
● New: Latest, new product introduction, new product introduction
Technology: Science engineering, factories, robots, system structure
Electrical appliances Home appliances, PC PC (computer), Internet (Internet), iphone
Skyscrapers, office district (business district)
● High speed: Up-tempo feeling, rushing busy, fast (fast)
Crowded (congested, crowded): traffic (crowded, crowded, crowded), intersections, traffic, bustle, downtown, noisy and noisy
● Dynamic: Large scale Large, wide, magnificent
● Sports: competitions, matches, competitions, challenges, training, workouts

Uses synthesizer, synth reed, pad, electric guitar

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