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No.832373 Raw violin, new life, hope, support song


Raw violin, new life, hope, support song's unreproduced waveform
Raw violin, new life, hope, support song's reproduced waveform

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  • YouTube
  • No. 832373
  • The Beginning of a New Life
  • 3:52
  • Audio Category : Instrument
  • Channel : stereo
  • Data information :
    • MP3(320kbps)
    • WAV(48kHz 24bit)
  • Relased at : 2020/06/11

This is a song with a refreshing melody of live violin on simple accompaniment instruments such as guitar, bass, piano, and synth and electro drums.
The atmosphere of the song, like the title, gives an image of the beginning of a new life.
It is a bright, forward-looking song that can be used as an anxious ale song for young students, new members of society, companies, companies, etc. who are starting a new life. It is assumed.

Since the composition of the music is easy to understand and the tempo is easy to ride, it can be used for corporate VPs, commercials, dramas and other background music of various images.

Violin: Ryoko Okochi
Engineer: Toshiaki Yanagi (YANAGI ENGINEERING)

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