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No.179077 Live guitar with a refreshing and moving piano


Live guitar with a refreshing and moving piano's unreproduced waveform
Live guitar with a refreshing and moving piano's reproduced waveform

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  • No. 179077
  • Move
  • 2:59
  • Audio Category : Instrument
  • Channel : stereo
  • Data information :
    • MP3(320kbps)
    • WAV(44.1kHz 16bit)
  • Relased at : 2018/06/22

Acoustic guitar recorded with Audiostock Studio Pro-guitarist Tenyu Nakamura's gentle and lively acoustic guitar tone creates a lively and emotional production.
Riding on the soft wrapping rhythm of a live sound keyboard instrument piano, combined with the mellow tone of an acoustic guitar, it was a refreshing and rhythmical moving song.
A relaxing healing ambient ballad that is sad, melancholy, fantastic, refreshing, fashionable, relaxing, romantic, touching, calm, warm, exciting, future, light, autumn, tender, feminine, a day of holiday image It is a song.
Company VP and video, company work video, company introduction, product introduction, VP, video advertisement, app, presentation, event, opening, ending, commercial, various movies, services, YouTube, radio, advertisement, e-book , BGM for web, smartphone, wedding, wedding, wedding, bridal, movie, cafe, etc.
There is a bright charm that quietly motivates you in the morning when a refreshing day begins.

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