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No.1276805 Comfortable bossa nova played by live guitar


Comfortable bossa nova played by live guitar's unreproduced waveform
Comfortable bossa nova played by live guitar's reproduced waveform

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  • No. 1276805
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  • Audio Category : Instrument
  • Channel : stereo
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  • Relased at : 2022/07/08

Loose tempo bossa nova with live guitar.
With a simple organization of guitar, piano, bass, drums, and percussion, it also features a stylish chord progression that is typical of bossa nova.
There are no big undulations in the song itself, and the relaxed atmosphere is maintained until the end.

0: 00-Start from the theme melody without intro
1: 01 ~ Guitar solo (ad lib) along the chord progression of the theme
2: 01-The first theme is repeated and ends as it is

The phrases played with the nuances unique to live music give a pleasant impression to the listener.
Acoustic Guitar : Tenyu Nakamura
REC / Mix Engineer : Toshiaki Yanagi (YANAGI ENGINEERING)

Please use it in scenes where you want to create a relaxing space on TV, radio, etc., restaurants, lounges, shops, cafes, etc.

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