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No.1114256 Japanese ambient of koto and shinobue


Japanese ambient of koto and shinobue's unreproduced waveform
Japanese ambient of koto and shinobue's reproduced waveform

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  • No. 1114256
  • Summer Shade
  • 3:46
  • Audio Category : Instrument
  • Channel : stereo
  • Data information :
    • MP3(320kbps)
    • WAV(48kHz 24bit)
  • Relased at : 2021/09/24

<Live performance of Japanese musical instruments! >
A transparent Japanese-style BGM with a live performance of Shinobue and a koto tone.
As the song progresses, the piano, strings, violin, guitar, bass, drums, and percussion overlap, creating a magnificent and inspiring atmosphere at the end.

"Videos of corporate VPs, product introductions, commercials, etc." that want to appeal the charm of Japan,
Events such as "weddings and sports competitions" that want to give a Japanese texture,
It is supposed to be used for "youtube and Vlog" that want to create a calm and beautiful atmosphere. .

<Atmosphere of music>
Japanese style, ambient, piano, opening, glitter, company, impression, ending, refreshing, cooking, appearance, anime, grand, wedding, fashionable, Japanese, healing, nature, festival, sad, corporate VP, morning, healing, giburi, Refreshing, Chillout, Cinematic, Ballad, Gentle, Calm, Koto, Relax, Mystery, Mysterious, China, History, Glitter, Shinofue, Countryside, BGM, Fantastic, Japan, VP, YouTube, Marriage, Documentary, Movie, Profile Video, inspirational, variety

<Assumed usage scene>
・ BGM for event entrance, exit, opening, and ending
・ Corporate VP, product introduction, commercial, company introduction, video advertisement
・ Wedding entrance, chat, exit
・ Store BGM such as cafes and beauty salons
・ Profile video
・ Program BGM for weather forecasts, news, documentaries, etc.

Shinobue : Michiko Yamada
REC / Mix Engineer : Toshiaki Yanagi (YANAGI ENGINEERING)

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