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No.1112004 Live music Shinobue's moist Japanese ballad


Live music Shinobue's moist Japanese ballad's unreproduced waveform
Live music Shinobue's moist Japanese ballad's reproduced waveform

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  • No. 1112004
  • Gekkabijin
  • 3:27
  • Audio Category : Instrument
  • Channel : stereo
  • Data information :
    • MP3(320kbps)
    • WAV(48kHz 24bit)
  • Relased at : 2021/09/24

A Japanese-style ballad with a moist and fantastic atmosphere by live music Shinobue.

■ Usage example
CM that matches the Japanese atmosphere of Japanese food, Japanese food, inns, etc.
BGM of Japanese scenery such as cherry blossoms and four seasons
Introduction of traditional Japanese culture such as temples and shrines

Shinobue : Michiko Yamada
REC / Mix Engineer : Toshiaki Yanagi (YANAGI ENGINEERING)

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