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No.1080835 Interview / Explanation: Gentle technology


Interview / Explanation: Gentle technology's unreproduced waveform
Interview / Explanation: Gentle technology's reproduced waveform

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  • Released at : 2021/08/21

Interview / Explanation: Gentle technology

-It is a loop specification work.
It is designed so that it can be looped by repeated playback.
There is no silence at the beginning and end / It plays continuously as it is, and the end and the beginning become a loop that connects without discomfort.

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[Application example]
Interviews, explanations (for explanations), videos / videos, backgrounds, introductions, information, narrations and conversations (talks) Explanations (for explanations) Live commentary, science, IT / technology, educational content, announcements, infomercials, companies (Company) / Corporate, Presentation (Slide Show) Presentation, Advertising, Corporate VP / Company Introduction, Video Report, Review, Product Introduction (Product Movie), Marketing, Project, Advertising PV, CM (Commercial), PR (Promotion)

Gentle, technology, gentle, calm (calm), simple monotonous (plain) plain, quiet, soft, inorganic, secure (safety), warm (warm), relaxed, cool, innovative, casual, airy, Healthy, clean, future (near future), trust, development

[Music / Features]
Electro (electronic), techno, rhythm (straight) beat bass, texture, EDM
Synthesizers, pads, electronic music
Repeat (loop)

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