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Graduated from Showa College of Music Composition Course with a prize.
After joining the music production company as an assistant, he is active as a freelance sound creator.

I mainly work on background music for games and events.
I am good at producing instrumental music, including full-scale orchestra sound.

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[Production record]
Vocal Collection Golden Corda 4 SONGFUL “Sky Blue Sea” “Autumn Circus” / Strings Arrangement
Kagefune Co., Ltd. "A fox is waiting for me" "My girlfriend is a mermaid princess?" / OP/ED theme
Goddess Wizard Tortoise Games "Finger Battle Summoner" / All BGM
End of 2018 Jumbo Lottery Drawing/Event BGM (Partial)

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DAW: Avid Pro Tools
I/O: Apogee duet
Headphone: Sony MDR-CD900ST
Monitor speaker: Genelec 8330AP

Native Instruments: KOMPLETE12 Ultimate, MASCHINE
Audiobro:LA Scoring Strings2.5
Cinematic Studio Series:Strings,Brass
VIENNA:Chamber Strings
Orchestral Tools:Berlin Woodwinds
Eastwest:Symphonic Orchestra

Waves:Gold,L3-16,SSL 4000

New items


Daily BGM with a loose atmosphere's unreproduced waveform
Daily BGM with a loose atmosphere's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 1:17

Ryuta Yoshioka
  • $ 29.99
  • No. 859160
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube


Gorgeous orchestra fanfare's unreproduced waveform
Gorgeous orchestra fanfare's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 0:28

Ryuta Yoshioka
  • $ 29.99
  • No. 858235
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube


Is it a little comical? A cute piano jingle's unreproduced waveform
Is it a little comical? A cute piano jingle's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 0:08

Ryuta Yoshioka
  • $ 29.99
  • No. 825717
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube


A fantastic and natural ambient synth's unreproduced waveform
A fantastic and natural ambient synth's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 2:43

Ryuta Yoshioka
  • $ 29.99
  • No. 825714
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube

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