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I'm a freelance composer / arranger / guitarist.
We produce a wide range of music, from game music and orchestral songs that are inspired by movies and anime, to rock and pop music that makes use of live guitar, and video BGM for advertising and corporate VP.

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・ Daily BGM
・ Magnificent movie-based epic orchestra music
-Piano and strings main ballad. For weddings, dramas, moving scenes of animation, etc.
・ House electronica for IT / technology company VP
・ Raw guitar, piano, refreshing corporate
・ For PV of tropical houses, summer, travel, resorts, etc.!
・ Dark, suspense, and crime songs. News / news and criminal investigation documentaries, dramas, games, etc.
・ Raw violin music (Audiostock recording music)
[Main achievements / career]
・ Composed and arranged the event BGM of the smartphone game "Last Period" by Happy Elements, the limited-time event "Four Princesses' Bride Blooms on the Battlefield", and "Pocket Art" under unique notes.
・ The BGM of Happy Elements "Ansanbul Stars !! Basic" when preparing for festival production is composed and arranged under a unique note.
M2. "Driving My Way" guitar performance
・ Released solo mini album "HORIZON" on various distribution sites such as Apple Music and Spotify.
・ Released the 5th album "Frontiers" of the band DEZOLVE from King Records.

・ In charge of acoustic guitar with the animation "Fate-Grand Order-Absolute Demon Beast Front Babylonia".
・ Composed and arranged the BGM of the limited-time event "Smiley Sunflower Live" of Happy Elements "Ensemble Stars!" Under a unique note.
・ Played guitar with Mickie Yoshino band at Yukan Fuji Rock Festival.
・ Re: A projecT's 1st Season song, songwriting and arrangement of "Kaze ni nare Koishin", guitar performance, and guitar performance of "Yumemi Lupinus".
・ Hinabita ♪ Live 2019 Sweet Smile Merry go round @ Shinkiba Studio Coast, participated as a backing band guitarist.
・ Nagi Yanagi Live Tour 2019 -LIBRARY- & -MUSEUM- Participated as a backing band guitarist in the Taiwan performance @ Hanaren Hana exhibition space.
・ Idolmaster Cinderella Girls WILD WIND GIRL Volume 6 Burning Road Original CD "LOVE ☆ Hazcam" in charge of guitar performance.
・ Part of the orchestra arrangement of ANIME PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA @ Bunkyo Civic Hall of the 21st Century Orchestra.
・ Released DEZOLVE 4th Album "AREA" from King Record.

・ Character song album produced by Katsutoshi Kitagawa from the anime "Slow Start"
In charge of electric guitar, synths, and strings arrangement for "Sugar & Sugarless" in "Step by Step".
・ Hinabita ♪ Live 2018 Sweet Smile Pajamas Party @ Toyosu PIT, participated as a backing band guitarist.
・ Hinabita ♪ Live 2018 Sweet Smile Parade @ Tokyo Dome City Hall as a backing band guitarist.
・ In charge of guitar performance for KONAMI's "GITADORA" and premium encore stage song "CAPTURING XANADU".
・ Part of the orchestra arrangement of Vol.1 @ Suginami Public Hall for brass band songs of the 21st century orchestra.
・ Former Takarazuka Revue singer and actress RIRIKA's album "toc-toc" was played on guitar and partly arranged.
・ Michiaki Watanabe Special Hero Orchestra To Showa Children @ Bunkyo Civic Hall, participated as a backing band guitarist.
・ Released DEZOLVE 3rd Album "PORTRAY" from King Record.


Cubase, Reaper
[sound source]
・ Orchestra system
EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Diamond, Cinematic Studio Series, Berlin Woodwinds, NI Synmphony Series, .. etc
・ Band system
Komplete Series, Trilian, Superior Drummer3, Addictive Drums2 ... etc
・ Folk instrument system
EW Silk, EW Ra, World SUite [UVI] ... etc
Omnisphere, Massive, VPS Avenger, UVI Digital Synsation ... etc
[Guitar peripheral equipment]
Fractal Audio Systems AX FxⅢ, Acoustic Creator AC-3 [ZOOM] ... etc

New items


Motivational Summer Drum 'n' Bass's unreproduced waveform
Motivational Summer Drum 'n' Bass's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 2:09

Shoya Kitagawa
  • $ 29.99
  • No. 1063505
  • YouTube


Intense rock-like drum'n'bass's unreproduced waveform
Intense rock-like drum'n'bass's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 2:24

Shoya Kitagawa
  • $ 29.99
  • No. 1063492
  • YouTube


Motivational Inspiring Refreshing Drum and Bass's unreproduced waveform
Motivational Inspiring Refreshing Drum and Bass's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 2:12

Shoya Kitagawa
  • $ 29.99
  • No. 1063490
  • YouTube


drum 'n' bass track for intense battle scene's unreproduced waveform
drum 'n' bass track for intense battle scene's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 2:18

Shoya Kitagawa
  • $ 29.99
  • No. 1054388
  • YouTube

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