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Lyrebirds music

I am active in composition and arrangement mainly in Osaka.
Focusing on corporate VP, corporate music and fun songs of ukulele main
Spectacular cinematic trailer, gekitomo, rock, Japanese style, classic cover
Many various songs such as EDM are registered!

You can easily search for songs from this link.
[Corporate VP]

[Jingle Sound Logo Eyecatch]

[Christmas music]

[Comical Horror Halloween]

[Fashionable bossa nova]



[Japanese style]

[Covers of classic classical songs, athletic meet, wedding ceremony, etc.]

[Drama accompaniment, horror, suspense music]

[Magnificent and powerful epic music]

We will register new songs & variation songs (existing songs 60, 30, 15 seconds ver, different instrument ver, etc.) every month.
Thank you for registering as a favorite creator!

For inquiries regarding music production, please contact the following.

■ Price guide ■
Within 3 minutes BGM: 1 song from 30,000 yen
Within 30 seconds Jingle: 15,000 yen per song



Fender strat telecaster, Gibson les paul, line6 variax,
Martin D-18, Gibson LG-3, Ramirez 2Ncwe
Fender jazz bass,
Other mandolins, banjos, ukuleles, etc.

Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Brass, Hollywood Woodwinds, Storm Drum
Orchestral tools
Metropolis Ark 1

New items


An old-fashioned and epic Japanese-style moving ballad's unreproduced waveform
An old-fashioned and epic Japanese-style moving ballad's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 4:15

Lyrebirds music
  • $ 29.99
  • No. 1290997
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube


Pop and fun Japanese-style EDM's unreproduced waveform
Pop and fun Japanese-style EDM's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 3:40

Lyrebirds music
  • $ 29.99
  • No. 1290992
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube


30 seconds・Company VP・Fun・Company introduction's unreproduced waveform
30 seconds・Company VP・Fun・Company introduction's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 0:30

Lyrebirds music
  • $ 29.99
  • No. 1291852
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube


15 seconds, corporate VP, jingle, SNS's unreproduced waveform
15 seconds, corporate VP, jingle, SNS's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 0:15

Lyrebirds music
  • $ 29.99
  • No. 1289919
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube

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