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An exclusive creator of Audiostock.
Started electone at Yamaha Music School at the age of 5
I also started playing the piano on the way.
After graduating from Yamaha Music Academy
(* Current Yamaha Conservatory Instructor Training Course)
I became a Yamaha system instructor.
In charge of a junior specialized course to learn composition.
Participated in nuclear instructor training. In the training, Professor Kinyo Morishita,
Studied under Professor Mutsumi Watanabe. The following year, a collection of lecturer works will be released.
Electone studied under Professor Saori Iwauchi.
Performance grade 3 and instruction grade 3.
I have lived in Taiwan and China for eight and a half years since I was stationed there.
Correspondence in Chinese is also possible.
In charge of the Yamaba Boy Scouts who study composition in Taiwan.
From the instructor business to the path of composition, I continue to the present.

Mainly for movies, dramas, anime, games, etc.
I am making music.
Thank you very much.

Please see below for Works and awards.


Impressions and inquiries.
Musical demand sound time,
Criminal accusation, our music.


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[If you are looking for a gekitomo music]


Mysterious _ In a mysterious scene

For scenes that quietly explain the situation

_ Serious in the scene of thinking

Confession scene_serious_magnificent

For scenes that reveal a painful and sad past


Comedy_Half-confidence Half-doubt

In the scene of running away from life

Deep sorrow_despair

Gentle and gentle _ moving cello

For sad scenes_piano

[Recommended songs in Audiostock]

Bright and energetic OP-style live violin

Festival and old-fashioned Japanese-style BGM

For morning program OP, weather forecast, traffic information, etc.

Afternoon cafe jazz / live saxophone

Activity history:

January 2021 Studio Monolon
Movie "--Why I'm not good at my sister"
Music directed by Hiroshi Usami

December 2020 Silver Cannon Entertainment
Production production movie "Jackers"
Music provided by Atsushi Muroga

November 2020 Music City "Joplin"
Music recruitment contest / music adoption
<Joplin's BAR BGM>

November 2020 OSAKA 48 Hour Film Project
Movie "No More Movies"
Music provided by director Yuki Iwasaki

July 2020 Arcadia Co., Ltd.
Providing music for pet food "Carry" PV

July 2020 TV TOKYO drama "Furo Girl! 』\
You used your own song "Reverberation" at.

January 2020 TV TOKYO drama "100 character drama"
Participation in music production

November 2019 TV TOKYO drama starring Miwako Kakei
Participation in music production for "Unknown people"

July 2019 NON STYLE LIVE 2019
"Re: Controversy-Risoron-"
Participated in chamber music arrangement by Scat Goto

December 2018 TeNY TV Niigata Documentary
Program name: "NIIGATA HEROES3 ~
Supporting nursing, long-term care, and childcare that are close to people
Those who are ~ "
Program ED song "Bridge to the future" music provided

July 2018 Dental doctor in-hospital BGM
Arrangement of "Aibe Hanakokyu no Uta"

April 2018 Recorded Con 2018 sponsored by Shimamura Music
Final judging committee nominated work /
Mercury Ramune (song)

April 2018 10th Okinawa International Movie Festival
By non-style Ishida-san script
In the movie "Love Drives You Crazy"
Participate in performances and arrangements

March 2018 Groove Gate Co., Ltd.
XFLAG "Monster Strike"
Provided BGM for Taiwan MV

February 2018 by AKB48 Group
"Tofu Pro Wrestling The REAL 2018
WIP QUEENDOM in Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium "
Two songs, one for the award ceremony and one for the ceremony
Music provision

August 2017 Future Samurai Musicians
Excavation Contest Excellence Award / Dawn Team

April 2017 TV Asahi drama starring Ayame Goriki
Arrangement and performance at "Joshu Seven"
A little help.

February 2017 Shikoku Seiyo Geopark Music
Contest 2nd and 4th term
Recruitment / endless sky

January 2017 Shikoku Seiyo Geopark Music
Contest 2nd and 1st term
Semi-excellence award / as the wind goes

January 2016 Shikoku Seiyo Geopark Music
Contest 1st and 2nd term
Recruitment / Beautiful Green Forest

June 2015 Cowriting Contest
Co-writing department
Excellence Award / Kokorono Requiem

April 2015 Denjiro Yonemura Science Product
Shon-sama Science Show
OP song provided

January 2015 Higashimatsuyama Cable TV theme song recruitment
Grand Prix Winner / Near Future Bridge

December 2014 I tried to sing Vocaloid
Contest singing section
(Ballad category) Special prize / And I am

November 2014 Toranoana Contest Song Division
Grand Prize / Letter without a destination
(January 24, 2015 Toranoana CD
Released "Melody of Winter")

March 2014 We are looking for theme songs for cable TV programs!
Semi-Grand Prix / Radiant Days
* FM Chappy (Saitama)
Program "Weekly Smile Plaza"

December 2013 Color Music Contest
Excellence Award / Beautiful Green Forest


Cubase Pro11
iMac Core i7 RAM memory 40GB
Mac Book Pro Core i9 RAM memory 64GB

WAVES (RENAISSANCE, L3, Vocal Rider, CLA and many others)
izotope (Ozone9, Neutron3, RX7)
Reverb (EAST WAST Spaces Reverb II, 2CAudio Breeze2, Sunset Sound Studio Reverb)

Drums (EZ drummer, BFD3, SUPERIOR DRUMMER 2.0)
Piano (Ivory II Grand Pianos, Keyscape, Ravenscroft 275 ,Piano In Blue, PIANO Premer)
Rhythm (Damage, EVOLVE, Stylus RMX, Heavyocity)
Guitar (Ample AGM & AGL, Heavier7Strings, ILYA Nylon Gt, REAL STRAT 4, REAL GUITAR 4)
Violin (Joshua Bell Violin, Bohemian Violin)

EAST WAST (Symphonic Choirs, Silk, Gypsy, RA, Harp,EAST WAST ORCHESTRA Gold)

Heavyocity (Stay Home, Evolve Mutations2, Evolve R2, Scoring Guitars2,
Scoring Bass, Gravity, DAMAGE1 & 2, Mosaic Keys, Master Sessions)

OpacityII, ORIGIN X,
Trilian, Absolute4, NEXUS3, FOREST KINGDOM 2, Tina Guo (Cello) 1 & 2,
Shakuhachi Premier (Shakuhachi), Princess Koto KAGUYA (Koto)
VOCALOID (kokone, ZOLA, FUKASE) ILYA Accordion, and many others

MIDI keyboard (KOMPLETE KONTROL A61, Yamaha MX61)
Headphones (Sony MDR-CD400ST, YAMAHA HPH-MT8)
Speaker (ADAM AUDIO A5X, A3X)
Finale 26

New items


For heartwarming images of animals and children's unreproduced waveform
For heartwarming images of animals and children's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 1:51

Yuki Hotta
  • $ 29.99
  • No. 1152664
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube


Gentle, warm and relaxing music.'s unreproduced waveform
Gentle, warm and relaxing music.'s reproduced waveform

0:00 / 1:21

Yuki Hotta
  • $ 29.99
  • No. 1084685
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube


Impressive live flute full of kindness's unreproduced waveform
Impressive live flute full of kindness's reproduced waveform

0:00 / 3:02

Yuki Hotta
  • $ 59.99
  • No. 1068090
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube


A gentle and gentle song of cello and piano.'s unreproduced waveform
A gentle and gentle song of cello and piano.'s reproduced waveform

0:00 / 0:34

Yuki Hotta
  • $ 19.99
  • No. 1057635
  • MP3 only
  • YouTube

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